​​​​With a grateful heart we are honored to share our past MBs who will forever hold a special part in the Magnolias' Family​​

Alvina Valenta | The Marions Photography 

Blush by Hayley Paige | Laura Mae Photography 

Ella Rosa | Jacoby Photo and Design 

Tara Keely | Carretto Studio

Alvina Valenta | Image Clairity Photography

Ella Rosa | Erika Jo Photography and Film

Kenneth Winston | Crockette's Images Photography

Ti Adora | Shannon Duggan Photography

Blush by Hayley Paige | Image Clairity Photography 

Tara Keely | Zach & Rosalie Photography 

Ti Adora | The Marions Photography 

Tara Keely| Alex Nardulli Photography 

Kenneth Winston | Alex Nardulli Photography 

Tara Keely | Erika Jo Photography 

Kenneth Winston | Shannon Duggan Photography 

Ella Rosa | Kacey Wolters Photography 

Blush By Hayley Paige | Dirnberger Photography 

Tara Keely | Mad Love Weddings Photography 

Kenneth Winston | Kaitlin Rose Photography 

Kenneth Winston | Kendra Jane Photography 

Kenneth Winston | Coco Captures Photography 

Ella Rosa | Erika Jo Photography 

Kenneth Winston | Courtney Tanner Photography 

Tara Keely | Shannon Duggan Photography 

Blush by Hayley Paige | Crockette's Images Photograph

Kenneth Winston | Emily Christisen Photography​

Ti Adora | Laura Mae Photography